We offer an extensive line of mixers to cover any frequency band to 110 GHz. The wide range of mixers allows you to get the most suitable mixer for your application.

The table below contains just a few types of standard mixer lines we offer. Please consult us for your specific needs by phone at +49-89-32107-750 or via our enquiry form.

Balanced Mixer

  • Suitable for the frequency range from 10 MHz to 110 GHz.
  • Good LO-to-RF isolation over a relatively wide RF and LO frequency range.
  • IF (Intermediate Frequency) range extends from DC to 22 GHz.


IQ Mixer

  • Available in the range from 1.75 to 26 GHz.
  • IQ mixers have I (In-Phase) and Q (Quadrature) outputs.
  • Ideal for applications where low transmission loss and high isolation are required.


Harmonic Mixer

  • Covers output frequency range from 18 to 30 GHz.
  • Integrated frequency doubler for LO (Local Oscillator)