Bias Ts

bias tee is a three-port network used for setting the DC bias point of some electronic components without disturbing other components. The bias tee is a diplexer. The low-frequency port is used to set the bias; the high-frequency port passes the radio-frequency signals but blocks the biasing levels; the combined port connects to the device, which sees both the bias and RF. It is called a tee because the 3 ports are often arranged in the shape of a T.

Bias Tees from Meca, USA cover wireless band applications from 0.500 – 2.500 GHz.

Its unique modular design offers maximum flexibility regardless of connector configuration at any port.

Available in 7/16 DIN, SMA, N, BNC & TNC configurations with RF power ratings to 300 watts (3 kW peak) and max DC levels of 100 VDC/7 Amps making them ideal for remote powering of bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs), repeaters and tower top amplifiers (TTAs) by BTS control modules.

All models are weatherproof (IP65).

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