Precision Adapters

Anoison manufactures a wide variety of within-series and between-series precision adapters, covering every major series to provide optimal flexibility.

Featuring precision interfaces and excellent electrical performances. Each adapter is fully specified and 100% tested to ensure low reflections and optimum performance over the DC to 67 GHz range.

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1.0 mm 4.3-10 IMP PUSH-ON SMA SMPS
1.35 mm 7 mm M10(NEX10) QMA SSMA
1.85 mm 7/16 MMCX SHV SSMB
2.2-5 mm BMA N-Type SMA TNC
2.4 mm BNC NMD 1.85 mm SMA-RP TNCA
2.92 mm EIA 1-5/8 NMD 2.4 mm SMB Triax BNC
3.5 mm F NMD 2.92 mm SMP Triax TNC
4.1-9.5 HPQN NMD 3.5 mm SMPM UHF


Low PIM Adapters 

MECA now carries a full range of low PIM between series adapters to help simplify the connectivity of your projects.

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