Absorber Material

Microwave Absorbers

Wavexorb from 3G Metalworx are Microwave Absorbers meant to reduce undesirable radiation that could interfere with electronic system operation or cause non-compliance.

Available in a variety of material types and formulations, each material is designed to provide specific absorption characteristics.

Wavexorb absorbers are formulated by combining silicone, nitrile, urethane, or foam matrix with magnetic and carbon filler materials.

Available in sheet form, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Custom sizes, shapes, and configurations are available.

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Narrowband Absorbers

  • Single layer materials.
  • Tuned frequencies between 1GHz – 65GHz.
  • Formulation and thickness are customizable to target a frequency.
  • Thinner than other type of absorbers
  • Preferred choice for applications where broadband absorption is not required

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Cavity Resonance Absorbers

  • Typically used in microwave cavity applications to attenuate oscillations, resonant frequencies, or harmonics.
  • High loss within microwave cavities between 1GHz to 20GHz.
  • Made from silicone, available in sheet stock or as application specific solutions.

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Surface Wave Absorbers

  • To be applied to a conductive surface for traveling wave attenuation.
  • Magnetically loaded, providing high loss characteristics.
  • Attenuate surface wave energy from 1 GHz to 20 GHz.
  • Silicone matrix, other elastomeric binders are available.

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Low Frequency Absorbers

  • The thinnest and lightest formulation within our absorbers product range.
  • High permeability in the lower frequency range of 500MHz to 3GHz.
  • Designed to be applied to a metal surface or directly over a noisy circuit.
  • Available in sheets and other customized shapes.

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Dielectric Foam Absorbers

  • Lightweight, carbon loaded and low cost.
  • Frequency range 1 GHz to 40 GHz.
  • Effective in free space application such as radome or antenna

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