precision rf rotary joints


API Technologies offers a standard line of Rotary Joints, formerly manufactured by Sage Labs, suitable for use in commercial and military applications. The term rotary joint describes a device used to transmit energy from a stationary RF line to a rotating RF line.

Designs with SMA, N, TNC and 2.92 connectors to cover a broad range of applications including:

  • Air traffic control
  • Ground-based, ship based and airborne radar
  • Image transmission
  • Telecommunication control data transmission

Designed to meet MIL-E-5400 Class II.

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Ultra Low Loss Designs

  • The API engineers continue to push the envelope of technology in order to provide our customers with standard and custom designs that meet specifications and exceed expectations
  • From wideband DC-18 GHz high power, in-line designs to miniature 10 kilowatt models, API Technologies offers the right model rotary joint for your application.
100% Testing

  • API carefully monitors critical phases of the production process with data logging technology and utilizes our in-house testing capabilities from design through full production.
  • All API Technologies Rotary Joints undergo rigorous electrical and mechanical testing for critical parameters.
  • Examples of standard testing parameters include: Starting Torque, Continuous Torque, Insertion Loss, VSWR and Power Handling.
Custom Solutions

API also has an extensive library of custom and modified designs to augment the standard products.

Environmental Conditions

API Technologies engineers use self contained pressurized bearing cases to meet harsh environmental conditions.

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