Precision Machined Products

By integrating our diamond processing techniques along with our established history of precision machining we are able to develop products to meet our customers needs.

Examples of Precision Machined Tools and Jigs:

Specialized Nozzles

  • Material: SUS
  • Machining Technique: Precision machining and assembly of 29G pipe (x 24)
Vacuum Unit

  • Material: Polyester Resins
  • Machining Technique:
    • Machine holes, ø0.15 (9504 holes)
    • Precision grinding (flatness <1µm)
Parts for Semiconductor Wafer Processing Equipment

  • Material: TAB6400 (6-4Titanium)
  • Machining Technique:
    • Precision Machining of long and difficult to machine materials (span: 480 mm)
    • Precision grinding (flatness <3µm)