ferrite materials


cables Ferrite Cables for EMI suppression (UCBseries)
sheets Ferrites sheets for EMI suppression (PEseries)
condsheets Heat conductive ferrites sheets for EMI suppression (GE series)

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Ferrite Cables for EMI suppression (UCBseries)


  • The emission peak level is reduced sharply by cable length resonance
  • Suitable for USB 1.1 specfifcation. Signalloss is equivalent of the existing products
  • Lower price and shorter delivery time than that of the cable with Ferrite Clamp

PDFIEEE1394 NSC-IEEE04/05 series

PDFIEEE1394 NSC-IEEE06 series

PDFCat6 UTP cable

PDFdisplay cable

PDFUSB2.0 A-B cable

PDFUSB2.0 A-mini B cable

PDFprinter cable

PDFmodular cable

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Ferrites sheets for EMI suppression (PEseries)


Operation errors of an electronic device are often caused by EMI noise from another electronic device nearby.
Also,existing EMI control products are ineffective to high-frequency digital equipment. Utilizing original material
and processingtechnologies, FDK has developed new EMI suppression sheets abreast with the advancement of

  • Wideband EMI noise absorption
  • Flexible, easy-to-handle sheets
  • Customization options (self-adhesive tapes, cut lines, etc)

PDFEMI suppression sheets (PE Series)

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Heat conductive ferrites sheets for EMI suppression (GE series)



  • Ideal marriage of noise suppression and thermal conductivity
  • Flexble fitting to surface irregularities of chips in the circuit board
  • Impressive anti-EMI by placement between circuit board and shield casing
  • Reliable fitting without self-adhesive tapes by adhesive property of gelled sheets


  • Simultaneous noise/heat treatment by placementbetween CPU and heat sink
  • Optimal anti-EMI sheets for cellular phones, digitalcameras and other compact electronic equipment

PDFHeat conductive EMI suppression sheets

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